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~Fic: Alternate endings to All the world has come to see the end

So, I felt kinda bad about the ending to All the world has come to see the end, so I wrote two (yes, two) alternate endings. One is happy, one...not so much.

Both are rated PG for language, and the first one has character death.


Hikaru could be poetic about this. He could spout flowery bullshit as they walk along the grass with Pavel's slender hand in his, and he could get all teary eyed. He could play the martyr, and he could play it well. But he doesn't.

Hikaru could say that time slows as the countdown ticks, but it doesn't, if anything it goes faster as he tries to take note of everything all at once. Kirk's polite chuckle - the chuckle that means, you're full of shit and/or you're boring me, and I'm laughing because I have to - rings in his ears, and the stares of the natives burn holes in his neck. If he looks to the side he knows he would see McCoy barely restraining himself from rolling his eyes at Kirk's diplomatic bullshit, and he also knows that if he looks to his other side he would see Spock doing the Vulcan equivalent of rolling his eyes.

But he doesn't look to the side. He stares straight ahead with his heart in his throat and his eyes scan the crowd in front of him for any movement, but there's nothing, so he tries to focus on the proceedings. He can't, though. How can he focus on something so trivial?

Pavel squeezes his hand and he looks to him, and oh God he's so young - he's just eighteen, eighteen - he's too young, and what is he doing so far from home? The thought never occurred to Hikaru before, but now he thinks it he can't stop. He knows why he never realised it before, and it has nothing to do with Hikaru not caring, and everything to do with the fact that Pavel has always had Hikaru to protect him, whether he wants it or not.

That's what he's doing now, right?

He squeezes Pavel's hand back and tries to smile, but he can't quite manage it. Pavel smiles at him, and Hikaru can see a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye, then there's the glint of light reflecting off a phaser and Hikaru steps in front of Pavel, facing him, his hands resting on Pavel's arm and a frown on Pavel's face, and he must have timed it right because there's a white hot burning in the centre of his back and he's pitching forward onto his knees, clutching at Pavel's wrists and he's still smiling, only now it's more of a grimace. Pavel shouts, "Hikaru!", lowers him to the ground and Hikaru's heart is on fire - that's good aim the owner of the phaser has, and a powerful weapon, he'll give him that. He hears Pavel shouting for Doctor McCoy and babbling in Russian as he strokes Hikaru's face, and Pavel has blood on his fingers and tears on his cheeks.

And maybe, Hikaru thinks as his eyes close and his grip on Pavel's wrist loosens, maybe Pavel will find the Lady, in the future, and maybe Pavel will go back in time to Hikaru. Maybe it will be third time lucky.


Pavel's hand is warm in his as they walk from the hotel. Kirk is next to him, smiling cheerily at McCoy, who growls at him in return and tells him to stop being so damn chipper. Pavel, watching the exchange, laughs and McCoy glares at him, telling Pavel the same applies to him, and Hikaru manages a shaky smile, but his knees get weaker the closer they get.

Hikaru's heart is pounding as the Ambassador steps up to talk to Kirk, and there's a countdown ticking in Hikaru's mind. He glances nervously around him and Pavel catches his eye, somehow managing to beam at him and yet remaining professional at the same time, and there, over there in the middle of the crowd, there's a man in a dark hooded cloak - all the clichés, eh? - moving forward, and his arm reaches inside his cloak and brings out a phaser, and there's a flash of light and Hikaru jerks Pavel out of the way but Pavel still screams, he's still hit, only he's just been hit on his shoulder, and Hikaru can relax as McCoy hurries over with his medkit and starts fussing around Pavel. Hikaru is almost too distracted with Pavel to notice Kirk and Spock go running after the man in the cloak, but he sees it out of the corner of his eye, and he's so tempted to follow and beat the shit out of the guy who shot Pavel, and he would, were it not for Pavel's death grip on his hand. Then McCoy hypoes him with a sedative - "you're moving too damn much, kid" - and Hikaru watches as Pavel passes out.


Pavel wakes a few hours later, in sickbay, with his arm in a bandage and Hikaru in a chair by his biobed. Pavel smiles wearily at Hikaru, who gives him a relieved laugh in return, and if he wasn't scared that McCoy would shout at him or hypo him then he would pull Pavel to him, tight, because Pavel is alive, and Hikaru feels like a god. Pavel is alive, and Hikaru saved him. Screw fate, Hikaru saved Pavel. Hikaru one, Death zero, and all that.

Hikaru reaches a hand out to stroke Pavel's cheek. "God, Pavel, I thought you were going to die," he says, and he did, before he managed to pull Pavel out of the way just enough. It's amazing how just a few inches can make such a big difference, but he's so glad that it does.

"It is only a shoulder wound, Hikaru," Pavel says.

"Yeah." Hikaru laughs. "Yeah, I know. I was just being melodramatic."

Pavel falls silent for several minutes, and Hikaru is content to watch him as he thinks, cheeks flushed and his chest rising and falling as he breathes - he's alive, so very alive - and then Pavel looks up at Hikaru with his grey-green eyes that never seem to be the same colour, and says, "thank you."

"Sure," Hikaru says, like it's just an everyday occurrence to have saved someone's life, and Pavel doesn't have to thank him, but Hikaru's sort of touched that he did, because it's just the sort of thing Pavel would do. Hikaru leans forward and drops a kiss to Pavel's forehead, and then to his lips, and he watches as Pavel's eyes flutter closed as he falls back asleep. He drops his head to Pavel's stomach, shuts his own eyes, and he's never been more relieved.

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